Fight between Samini & Ronnie forced us out of industry – Bright of Buk Bak

Buk Bak was one of the most popular Ghanaian musical groups; the group comprises two Ghanaians and a Nigerian, Isaac Soetan, Prince Bright, and Ronnie Coaches.

Buk Bak

After their back to the back commotion in 2016, Prince Bright relocated to America, leaving the group; this was a significant factor of the group’s absence in the spotlight.

Fight between Samini & Ronnie forced us out of industry – Buk Bak

In an interview with Merqury Quaye on Hitz FM’s, he said that the beef between Samini, then Batman, and the late member of their group Ronnie Coaches was the main reason of the group collapse.

He revealed that late Ronnie Coaches was involved in a beef with Samini because of a track the reggae dancehall artiste had recorded, which the former found offensive.

The singer didn’t reveal to the public the song that was at the center stage of the fight; he said they were able to resolve all issues with the reigning Africa Dancehall king before the sudden death of Ronnie Coaches.

“The raga industry became a little bit crazy….There was a song from my brother Samini, and Ronnie was like ‘why should you say so and so?’ Ronnie is known to be a bit aggressive…so it got physical, and Ronnie had to throw his hands in the wrong direction, and unfortunately, it got in a way, and people got hurt,” 

“It was like the modern-day Shatta Wale vibe. I just got to find out that Ronnie was Shatta Wale’s right-hand man”, he added

“We learned our lessons from that and made peace with our brother Samini. The most amazing thing that he did and I felt it in my heart when my brother passed; he walked with me to the cemetery. I respect that a lot…That showed how matured he was’,’ he said.

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