A Female Graduate who usually sells Plantain (Boli) and Fish shared her intriguing testimonies to the Youths in Nigeria.

Starting any business takes a lot of great vision and courage, especially businesses tagged as unattractive to Nigerian youths. 

Selling Plantain and Fish requires extraordinary bravery, from buying the ingredients to cooking/frying, and to target a specific set of people.

The majority of Youths in Nigeria would instead be associated with an office job. Still, the economic downfall Nigeria has witnessed and the joblessness over the past few years have changed many like Martina’s perspective towards employment. A brave young lady, regardless of being a University graduate, ventured into selling ready-made food after all effort in getting employed led to nowhere.

Martina studied Guidance and Counseling at the Cross River State University of Technology to specialize in the subject.

She is from Ugep in Cross River State.

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