Enough of the foolishness – Dr. Cann attacks Xandy Kamel

Dr. Cann asked Xandy Kamel to calm down. He said even if xandy wants to make money, there are other ways to do it.

The radio presenter said he is tired of xandy and her cohorts’ foolishness.

His words quoted below;

My Sister Xandy Kamel should not rush.

Some people were ahead of us. 

We will also leave all of these behind us.

When you attain certain heights in society, some things are not expected of you.

“We are all sinners, and I am not holy.

I have my backslides, but we are tired of the foolishness being showcased by Xandy and her cohorts who called themselves YouTubers. 

You want to make money, but there are proper ways to go about it.

Enough of the foolishness – Dr. Cann attacks Xandy Kamel

This is the coming days after Kamel invokes curses on Akuapen Poloo.

In a video going viral online, Kumawood actress, Kamel said Akuapen Poloo slept with different men while shooting a project in Kumasi.

She said;

I invoke curses on you and your generations to come for lying against me.

When you drink water, you will have problems.

When you cross the road, problems will follow you.

I use the spirit of my mother and father to curse you.

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