DSS constitution rights is to gather intelligence, not to arrest – Afe Babalola

One of the most respected lawyers in Nigeria and a senior Advocate of Nigeria, Afe Babalola last night was on Channels TV where he spoke about the DSS arresting individuals, and raiding judges houses.

While talking about the DSS raid of Nigerian judges homes in 2016, he said the DSS did not follow the due process.

The 89 year old said there are rules of dealing with judges when they commit an offence which needs to be followed before any raid or arrest.

The DSS had raided some judges house after receiving intelligence of them keeping a large sum of money at home

There are rules, laws of dealing with judges when they commit an offence. That has not been followed

The DSS duty in law is merely to gather information and give it to the President and all that. They are not to arrest,

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