Drunk Police officer allegedly stabs nine people in Ondo

A Policeman attached to Area Commander’s office in Akure has allegedly stabbed nine people at a club in Akure.

The incident happened at a club along Alagbaka GRA, Akure.

It was reported that the policeman was intoxicated and was harassing people at the club.

The policeman identified as Orisadare allegedly attacked partygoers he could lay hands on, stabbing them.

He stabbed nine people in total before he could be overpowered.

Some of his victims are said to have sustained life threatening injuries.

Drunk Police officer allegedly stabs nine people in Ondo – In Other News

Two Nigerian men lost their lives as the drugs they swallowed burst during flight

Two Nigerian men identified as Chigozie Aniagbado and Chiji Ogbuefi, died on the flight to Eithopia from Brazil.

An eyewitness who sat beside one of the Nigerians said; 

The flight was 12hrs journey ,the young man at my right ask me to check the flight  map to know how far we have gone which I did we already half the journey.

Then he said to me do you speak Igbo I said yes, he said he doesn’t know if he will make this journey that it seems the drugs he swallowed must have expired its stay in his system ,then my mind sink right inside my stomach ,I began to shiver ,he said don’t be scared it’s not in the bag is inside my body.

He said I should stand and get him drinking water

I refuse standing cos I was scared he may insert something in my bag, I have to wave for the air hostess to come, she came and serve him water, he demands for food, he was given.

He became calm ,few minutes later he brought an olive oil from his bag and drink.

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