Director Of The Department Of IOWA’s Human Services Sacked For Sending Employees Email About Tupac.

The Director sent an Email to 4300 Employees in his department, reminding them of the Great Rap King’s Birthday.

Tupac’s birthday is the 16th of June.

Jerry Foxhoven was the director of IOWA’s department of Human Services for two years, before loosing his job due to his love for Tupac.

The Email sent out didn’t go down well with Governor Kim Reynolds as jerry was asked to resign the following Monday.

Apparently there was a snitch in the Department.

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For years, Jerry had sent out Tupac inspirational quotes to the employees of the department of Human Services .

On his 65th birthday, he allegedly went to work with Tupac themed cookies, with thug life written on them.

IOWA’s Human Services: The email sent out to the 4300 Employees quoted below.

You have already received my email reminding you that this Sunday is father’s day.

I am sure you are already aware that this Sunday (June 16th) is also Tupac’s birthday.

He would be 48 today if he were alive. So of course i will be celebrating both fathers day and Tupac’s birthday.

I hope you all Enjoy the day as well and take the time to enjoy one of his songs. (Hard to believe he has gone for almost 23 years).

Here is an inspirational quote by him: pay no mind to those who talk behind your back, it simply means that you are two steps ahead.

He concluded by saying;

Oh and by the way, on his birthday, i will have finished my second full year of serving as your director.

These two years have flown by, and it has been an absolute honour to lead such a dedicated and committed group of people.

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