Dating a Sugar daddy is not a big deal – Fella Makafui

During an interview on Royal TV, Fella Makafui said dating a sugar daddy is not as bad as it’s been perceived.

According to Makafui, Young girls that are into  big venture are seen as ladies who gain their fortune from sleeping with sugar daddies.

In her view, she said dating older men is not a sin.

Using herself as an example, Makafui said her ex-boyfriend was not married but was much older.

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She said there are two types of Sugar Daddies;

The ones that are married that’s just looking for fun, and Genuine older single men looking for a relationship.

Fella Makafui’s exclusion from the 5th season of YOLO created a panic on social media with her boyfriend Medikal lambasting the producers on twitter.

However, she looks unbothered as she disclosed to celebrity blogger Zionfelix that being in the first 4 seasons was enough for her and it’s always good to give other people opportunities to explore.

She said, “it will be greedy on my part to complain, I have 4 seasons under my belt and that’s enough. I am very busy now and have no time to shoot series”.

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