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Ooni Obalufon Alayemore – The man who redefined Yoruba tradition

Ooni Obalufon Alayemore – The man who redefined Yoruba tradition Ooni Obalufon Alayemore (Obalufon II) was born into the second Ooni of Ife’s lineage family, Osangangan Obamakin. He was the son of the fourth Ooni of Ife Obalufon Ogbogbodirin (Obalufon I). He was a traditional ruler and the fifth Ooni of Ife. He is described […]


Alagemo Merindinlogun – The 16 deities of the Ijebus

Alagemo Merindinlogun – The 16 deities of the Ijebus The Ijebus of the southwest region of the Yoruba people of Nigeria is referred to as omo Alagemo, (Children of Agemo). Agemo is believed to be so powerful that young adults and women fear it and plays an essential role in keeping and unifying the Ijebu […]


The War of Dahomey – The History

The war of Dahomey – a nation currently known as the Republic of Benin in Africa – is also known as the Egba-Dahomey war, which took place in the nineteenth century between the then kingdom of Egba and Dahomey. As with many olden days’ dispute, the war was basically a result of territorial expansion by […]


The Descendants of Ife

The Descendants of Ife  Ife’s descendant can be traced back to a single warrior and leader who is famously known among the Yorubas as Oduduwa. The Oduduwa is the first man to lead and rule Ife, but not only did he rule Ife, but he also fought and won over many other kingdoms within the […]


History of the Egbas

History of the Egbas  The Egbas or the people of Egba land are found in the south-western region of Nigeria, and constitute the significant set of people in the central area of Ogun state. Initially, Egba-land was part of the old Oyo empire before they gained independence through a man called Lisabi in the early […]


Benin Republic – The History

Benin Republic – The History  The local dynasty was formed when three brothers of the Dahomey origin ruled adjacent territories of Dahomey and the lower spread of the Mono River.   However, in the early 18th century, a single kingdom came out of the dynasty, after a family member rose against his cousins and defeated them, […]