Bulldog shades Wendy Shay, She is dumb just like her manager

Bulldog in an interview shades Wendy Shay and her manager.

In an interview with Zylofon TV, Bulldog said her management is to blame as why she is dumbed as they are all dumb.

Bulldog further claimed that Wendy shay is not properly coached about how to behave or answer questions.

He said her manager Bullet is to blame for her poor interview skills.

He said;

I will blame Bullet and his team, They are all dumb

Recall Wendy Shay was interviewed by Mzgee where she apparently walked out of the interview, calling the questions “dumb”.

Wendy was also on TV Africa where she said she would have to check the internet, probably google to check her net-worth.

She further listed IPhones and Ipads as properties she has accrued through music.

Meanwhile Bullet in an interview said Wendy is Rufftown’s Cash Cow.

He disclosed that wendy brings alot of money that enabled Rufftown Records to sign more artistes to the label.

He said he doesn’t see anything wrong in Wendy saying she can now afford to buy an IPhone and IPad 

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