Breaking: Oluwo writes Buhari.

The Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi today the 26th of July 2019, wrote an open letter to Nigeria President Buhari suggesting long term and short-term solutions policymakers.

According to Oba Akanbi, kidnappers in the country should be given a death penalty as a punishment.

He said insecurity in southwestern Nigeria is not without general knowledge. 

Breaking: Oluwo writes Buhari

Part of the letter quoted below;

The recent security threat emanating from incessant kidnapping by harmful elements or alleged Fulani herdsmen, most notably in southwestern Nigeria, is not without general knowledge. 

Stakeholders have conducted many brainstorming sessions. Just three days ago, I was with Vice President Yemi Osinbajo at Osun State Government House, Osogbo, Osun State, addressing the same burning issue.

“I’ve suggested both long term and short term solutions for policymakers’ attention.

One of those suggestions was adopted by some State Assemblies recently. “I met Nigeria as Nigeria.

There were hurdles, but our fathers managed themselves despite diverse ethnic backgrounds. 

As a pragmatic leader, I’m hopeful you are on the toe to run peacefully.

I’ve seen many survivors of war, including Professors, Doctors, Ministers, and even kings lining up with plates begging for food. 

Humans are eating humans during the war. Nothing except your cloth is yours in a war zone, provided not naked at the point of attack. 

Is this what some are drumming? 

Who will pray to line up begging for food? 

Do these people know about the war in the 21st century? 

“As a responsible father, I will never go with bloodshed. No father will pray to lose his children. 

No father will want to be childless and turn barren at menopause. No one will prefer turning a beggar in the land of hope. 

“There is an understandable way of killing a rat without shedding blood.

We shouldn’t forget in haste events have overtaking Voodoos and traditional war instruments. 

“A fighter jet can destroy thousands in a jiffy. 

Mr. President, I say no to war. 

War is older than us all.

“Òkun ki o ruru, kawa ruru,” meaning you don’t feel a burning fire.” 

Mr. President, I want to urge you, call every opinion leaders to order to stage a caution of their utterances at this moment.

If you can’t be the peace we want, don’t be an agent of chaos. “In my assessment, your Excellency, the solutions to the trauma are two – Short term and long term.

My domain is the highest host of the Fulani in Osun State. 

Before the escalation of the kidnapping menace, I’ve visited the Fulani in my domain mandating formal education and threatened to arrest parents of teen children rearing cattle during school hours. 

They obliged, although not completely. 

Recently, Seriki Fulani brought one of their children who graduated from university to my palace. 

Understanding is vital, while education is the door to peace.

I want to appeal to your Excellency to assent legislation that will compel children’s education and enact strict punishment for parents refusing to educate their children. 

Additionally, growth is gradual. 

Our security should go digital.

If not now, who else is our Messiah? 

Nigeria’s security should be strengthened.

The boost can optionally be assured through mandatory and timely provision of electronic national identity cards for everyone on Nigeria soil such that the security forces can accost and demand identification anywhere and anytime. 

With a digital ID card, security can track suspicious members of society.”

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