Angus Barbieri | The Story Of A Man That Went 382 Days Without Eating

Profile Summary

  • Name: Angus Barbieri
  • Year of Birth: 1938
  • Death: September, 1990
  • Citizenship: Scottish
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Aged: 52 years

The story of Angus Barbieri is about an Obese man who seeks medical help as he wanted to lose some weight.

Angus Barbieri
Image source: Wiki media. Before and after procedure

In 1965, he took the world record as the man who went without food for more than a year.

Angus Barberi was born in 1938; he was weighing 456 pounds by the time he was 27 years old.

The doctors had only suggested a short time fasting, but he was eager to lose more weight and maintain good health.

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During this period, he was under doctors’ supervision, as fasting over 40 days is generally considered dangerous. His health was monitored regularly, and the basic health checks up like blood tests, and blood pressure shows he maintains normal health.

Angus Barbieri Went 382 Days Without Eating

He did not eat anything for 382 days apart from the supplements given to him by his physician that includes yeast, sodium, potassium.

Experts have argued that apart from hydration, the basic supplements the body needs to survive are exactly what the physicians provided Angus Barbieri.

During the time of his treatment, He was allowed to drink non-caloric fluids like coffees and tea. Meanwhile, eight months into his fasting, his blood sugar was very low but maintained good health. He went to the toilet every 40-50 days.

By the end of his fasting, he had lost about 276 pounds and maintained a healthy lifestyle over the next five years.

In 1970, he gained 16 pounds back.

People also ask, how did he felt after going without food for 382 days?

I have the answer; He said he could not remember what food tastes like, “probably he could not wait to lay his hands on some food”, and also said he felt a little bit weak with no ill effects.

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What did Angus Barbieri have for his first food after fasting?

He had bread and butter and a boiled egg with a cup of coffee.

What hospital was he treated?

He was treated at the University Department of Medicine, Royal Infirmary, Dundee.

When did Angus Barbieri die?

He died in September 1990.

Does Angus Barbieri have children?

After recovery, he went on to have a family of his own. He raised two sons.

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