Account of WWE’s champion Kofi Kingston historic visit to Ghana

Kofi Kingston was ushered into the country by the “year of return” steering committee, his action is in connection with the program puts in place to attract the African diaspora living in abroad back home.

This initiative was launched by the President of the country His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo in September last year.

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During the reigning World Wrestling Entertainment SmackDown champion visit the president of the republic, the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II at Menhyia Place and also visit his paternal and maternal home in Ejisu, in Ashanti Region.

he was also sighted hanging out with sensational reggae dancehall artiste stonebwoy and a couple of interviews.

Kingston is still in the country so stay with us as we bring you events as they unfold.

On the first day kofi’s return home to Ghana, he met with some children from Accra and took part in a DanceBreak.

Account of WWE’s champion Kofi Kingston historic visit to Ghana

He also visited the Osu Castle

On a bit of a more somber note, in Accra, we visited Osu Castle, also known as Fort Christiansborg. Over the course of history, this was a place where a lot was traded: gold, ivory, mirrors, alcohol, among other things. However, most significantly, was the trading of slaves.

We toured many of the castle‘s holding chambers. It was incredibly difficult to imagine one being forced to live in such dismal and dreary conditions with little to no light and very limited ventilation. It was even more trying to imagine the many unfortunate souls who died in transition during this inhumane process.

This picture is of an area of the castle known as “The Door of No Return”. This was the final door in which slaves would walk through, leading them to the slave ships that would carry them across the world, away from Ghana forever.

I felt it was very important the take a moment to stand there and take in the melancholic energy in a place where so many lives were cast into fearful uncertainty, having been ripped away from their husbands, wives, children and homeland.

As harsh, sorrowful, or angering as our history may be, it is our history nonetheless and it is essential that we familiarize ourselves with it’s details.

The encouraging piece is that in this present day and age, many have come to know this door as “The Door of Return” as the descendants and diaspora of the slaves have come back to visit and experience Osu Castle centuries later.

Also up until recently, Osu castle served as the location of the Ghanaian Presidency, essentially converting a location that was historically oppressive, instead to a location where laws were created and actions were taken to benefit the people Ghana.

Embracing our history is a very powerful way that we can connect with our roots. I’m grateful to have had this experience that I can now share with all of you.

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Two day ago kofi had the chance to speak to a future WWE Superstar about chasing his dreams and doing whatever it takes!

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