A man who allegedly beat his daughter to death has been arrested in Ondo

Testimony Toke Babalola had reportedly been beaten to death by her father in Ondo state.

It was alleged that her parent was told she was possessed. 

Oluyemi Fasipe took to twitter to announced the arrest of the father.

He said;

Her name is Testimony Toke Babalola; her parents have been abusing her because they were told she’s possessed.

The name of her father, who beat her to death, is Mr. Felix Babalola.

We will ensure that justice is served.

Meanwhile, the Okada rider helped in locating the father after the news of the incident went viral.

A man with the user @Segalink on twitter also announced that;

Well done, distinguished Ambassador.

The development of community engagement paid off, and intel from okada riders led to the father (murder suspect).

We owe a lot to these men.

Mr. Felix Babalola can run but certainly can’t hide.

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