Parkinson’s Disease – Risk, Symptoms, Stages

 Parkinson’s Disease – Risk, Symptoms, Stages

Parkinson’s Disease – Risk, Symptoms, Stages

Parkinson’s disease, (PD) is a progressive movement disorder that occurs due to loss of nerve cells that produce chemical transmission in the brain called dopamine. 

Parkinson’s Disease -Definition

PD is a nervous system disorder, that gets worse over time. When the brain cells that control movement dies, it affects our physical abilities, and how we feel.

Parkinson’s disease can’t be cured, but there are medications available to reduce the symptoms.

What are the risk factors of Parkinson’s disease

Causes of Parkinson’s is not known, but the factors below increases your chances of developing it.

  • Age – Majority of people diagnosed with Parkinson are at 60 years of age or older.
  • Genetic – scientist has linked many genes associated with the abnormalities. This means the disease can be inherited.
  • Environmental factors – such as exposure to toxins substances increases your risk 


The disease has 2 types of symptoms;

  1. Motor functioning – These are how the body moves, This includes, resting tremors, trouble with balance, stiffness.
  2. Non-motor symptoms – These are psychological factors such as Delusion, anxiety and dementia.


Parkinson’s get worse over time, and symptoms varies. The early stage of Parkinson disease show little signs.

The main stages of Parkinson’s are;

  • Stage 1 – Patient has no limit to daily activity.  The symptoms are mild and only affect one side of the body with involuntary movement.
  • Stage 2 – Patient started taking longer to complete daily activities.
  • Stage 3 – Patient has significantly low physical abilities, loses balance more often.  This stage is considered the mid-stage of the disease.
  • Stage 4 – Patient needs help with daily activities as the symptoms become severe.
  • Stage 5 – Patient is unable to function independently and needs help with all daily activities.

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