Who are the Hackers?

 Who are the Hackers?

Some hackers wreak havoc online, while others are working to create a better internet, Some say they are the immune system of the internet.

A hacker is an individual who uses programming or other skills to overcome a technical problem.

The term “hacker” may be refer to anyone with technical skills, but it’s often refers to as an individual who uses his/her abilities, to gain unauthorised access to systems or networks in order to commit crimes.

Historically, the term ‘hacker’ has been a divisive one, it is always used as a term to admire an individual who possess and displays a very good ability, to approaching of technical problems.

Main Types Of Hackers

Hackers have been used and referred to with “hat” colour, a way they are identified, they are usually divided into 3 types;

White hat hackers; They are referred to as ‘ethical’ hackers, they ensure they operate in the interest of the public, instead of creating controversy and trouble.

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Many white hat hackers work doing “penetration testing” they are employed to attempt to infiltrate the company’s network to find and report on security vulnerabilities.

Black hat hackers; Intentionally gain unauthorised access to networks and systems with evil intent, whether to steal data, vandalise or damage systems or for any other reasons, including gaining notoriety.

Black hat hackers are criminals by definition of the law. They violate privacy laws by breaking into system without being authorised.

Gray hat hackers; They fall somewhere between the white hat and black hat hackers.

Their intentions are similar to those of white hat and grey hat hackers.

They are more likely seen to access systems without authorisation, compared to black hat hackers they avoid unnecessary damage to the system they infiltrate.

Though money does not only motivate them, they offer to fix vulnerabilities they have discovered through their own unauthorized activities, rather than making use of their knowledge to capitalize on vulnerabilities for illegal profit.

Dangers of hacking

While a computer is connected to the internet, the hacker hacks the computer and quietly transmits your personal or financial information, without your knowledge or consent.

They also pose serious physical threat, abuse social security number, sell information of organizations to other parties who intend to use the information for illegal purposes, they ruine credit cards and use it to threaten organizations and individuals.

All of these occurs even with the fact that hacking is illegal, and is seen as a crime, hacking increases everyday and the only solution is for organisations to employ hackers in order to prevent their systems from being hacked.

Importance of security experts in an organisations

Hacking poses threat to organisations which is why “ethical hackers” are the best to help an organization curb and counteract hackers.

Recently organisations have come to an understanding that they need hackers, in order to prevent their systems from being hacked by certain individuals, who could pose threat to their systems.

Ethical hackers have been allowed to identify system vulnerabilities and provide suggestions on fixing them.

Ethical hacker help to protect an organisation from being attacked, with the use of these three techniques:

  1. Penetrating Testing; This is used to identify system vulnerabilities that an attacker can target, there are different methods of testing, due to limited information about the target, which requires them to get information prior to the attack. It is the strongest case for hiring ethical hackers.
  2. Identifying Vulnerabilities: No system is completely free from attacks, organisations need to provide multidimensional protection. An example is the case study of a manufacturing organisation, the organisation knew its limit in terms of system security, but could not do much on its own, So ethical hackers were employed to assess its system security and provide its findings and recommendations.
  3. Preparing for Attacks: Since attacks are inevitable an ethical hacker is needed to prepare organizations systems for cyber attacks.

For example the” department of homeland security” (DHS) knew how important employing an hacker is, because they use a large and complex system which both stores and process large volume of data.

They ensured that the “Hack DHS” Act was passed which would allow selected ethical hackers to penetrate into the DHS and identify vulnerabilities if any.


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