You are the president of beggars – Diamond Appiah slams Afia Swcharzneggar

You are the president of beggars – Diamond Appiah slams Afia Swcharzneggar.

In a video going viral on social media, Diamond Appiah slammed Afia Swcharzneggar.

He said Swcharzneggar is the president of Beggars Association of Ghana (BAOG) and calls Mzbel her Vice President.

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This is coming days after it was alleged that swcharneggar stole a gold chain in the USA.

Appiah said, swcharzneggar is good at going from one pastor to the other to beg for money.

He however advised her that he’s recruiting and wouldn’t mind checking their CVs out for possible employment.

His full statement quoted below;

BEGGARS ASSOCIATION OF GHANA (BAOG) president Afia n her vice president Mzbel I greet you ooo.

After advising u two old women 5 years ago to stop hoping from office to office n pastor to pastor to beg for arms with your bucket size pu**sy you didn’t stop, see your life now😂😂😂😂 anyway Diamond Empire Construction is still hiring so try n send your CVs asap.

Is honourable to work hard for your money as a woman than the coins you go round begging for.

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