Going Nude As A Muslim Not Wrong – Ghanaian Actress Safia Haroun

Although the Islamic religion frowns on Muslims going nude, Ghanaian actress actress Safia Haroun does not see anything wrong by going nude.

Despite her religious background, in an exclusive interview with celebrity blogger Zion Felix on the ‘Uncut Show’, she disclosed that she is in showbiz so there is nothing wrong for her to dress and reveal part of her body.

From her point of view, worshipping Allah is not done with appearance but within one’s heart.

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Safia Haroun, however, admitted she is a true Muslim.

The actress was quick to add that she does not wear dresses that will reveal her fresh in her normal life.

Appearing at the premiere of her colleague actress Tracey Boakye’s ‘Baby Mama’ movie in Kumasi stated she cannot wear a dress covering her whole body to places like that.

Meanwhile, the Holy Quran frowns on nudity.

As far as Muslims are concerned it is forbidden because it is immodest and contrary to the principles of Islam, The Quran says:

“Say to the believing men that they restrain their looks and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. And say to the believing women that they restrain their looks and guard their private parts.” – (24:31, 32)

Watch the full interview below:


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