Hajj: Saudi Arabia issues health regulatory for visitors

Hajj: Saudi Arabia issues health regulatory for visitors 

The Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health warns that visitors from high risk countries are required to be vaccinated or have proof of vaccination before arrival into the country. 

The world health organisation (WHO) had listed countries that are at high risk of various disease in May 2019.

The residents from the countries exposed to such disease must be vaccinated and transportation from this countries must be disinfected before travelling to the kingdom.

Various regulatory guidelines were issued, disease listed are Yellow Fever, Poliomyelitis, Dengue Fever and Zika Virus. And infections such as Seasonal Influenza.

Seasonal Influenza vaccination are to be administered 10 days before travelling to the Kingdom

Visitors are advised against contact with animals such as camels, and direct contact with symptomatic persons and avoiding untreated milk as well as half cooked meat. 

Hajj: Saudi Arabia

To eliminate chances of spreading food borne disease, the kingdom said food items into the Kingdom is prohibited.

The Ministry of Health however put an exception to small quantity of transparent canned foods for personal consumption

 The kingdom further said,  residents from this countries are required to avoid exposure to mosquitoes prior to their journey to the country.


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