I don’t know the father of my kids – Xandy Kamel

Kumawood actress Xandy Kamel has made a shocking and questionable revelation in an exclusive interview that she doesn’t know the fathers of her biological children.

Her revelation has taken social media by storm as many believed it’s one of her jokes.

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“I only know I have three biological kids and six adopted kids, but I don’t know the father of my children”, she said.

With the shock on the host Zion Felix’s eye he proceeds to asked if all her three children are from the same man or different men.

“The only thing I know is two of my kids are from one man and the other is from a different man but I don’t know them and no man has ever claimed ownership of my kids”, she said.

Xandy Kamel Once took her pants off live on TV

The actress amazed her fans early this year, by taking off her pants right on live T.V.

During an interview on Kofi TV, she was dared by the host to take off her pant live on air. 

The actress didn’t think twice before she took her pants off.

She later went ahead to show the viewers the colour of her pants to examine.

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