Wendy Williams dumps 27-year-old lover, opts for much older doctor

Wendy Williams dumps 27-year-old lover, opts for much older doctor.

American television host, fashion designer, and media personality Wendy Williams born Wendy Joan Williams Hunter has mistakenly revealed she is dating a doctor who is in the 50s on live TV show.

She made this revelation while talking with her audience during her TV show.

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The celebrated TV personality revealed that it is true young men find her attractive but when it comes to actually loving someone, she would rather be with someone in his 50s.

“27-year-old boys quite frankly do find me attractive. But when it comes time for the comfort of a man, I need someone in their 50s too. And he’s got to work. And, it doesn’t’ hurt that he’s a doctor,” she said.

Wendy Williams dumps 27-year-old lover

Wendy Williams went on to say she wasn’t going to reveal more details about her new relationship.

Few weeks ago, the gist of fashion designer dating a much younger man broke the Internet.

Reports has it that the new guy in Wendy Williams’ life, Marc Tomblin has been to jail for armed robbery in the past but she doesn’t really care about his past.

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