If going nude makes you happy, go for it – Tracy Boakye

Ghanaian actress Tracy Boakye has asked her fellow female celebrities to consider going nude on social media as a means of breaking through the industry and shooting into fame.

From Tracy Boakye’s point of view, she understands the struggles fhatpussy comes with their profession so she doesn’t mind if her fellow females are going nude with a purpose.

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Addressing the issue on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, the actress said,

“after posting nude photos on social media, what do you gain, if you do not make good use of the fame and followers it brings you?”.

She explained, actresses should work on their craft and use the fame, gained, to positively affect the society and their fans.

“If it makes you happy to go naked, it’s fine, but you always have to think about the consequences,” she told Andy Dosty, host of the show.

Talking about if she will would go nude for a role, Tracy answered affirmative explaining the role needs to serve a purpose.

She added, “fame is not only about paying photographers for photoshoots, what do you stand to gain or do with it.”


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