Yahoo yahoo of Israeli National arrested

Yahoo yahoo of Israeli National arrested .

An Israeli National was arrested after allegedly defrauding hundred of women.

He allegedly defraud women he met on the dating app tinder, claiming to be the son of billionaire diamond merchant Lev Leviev.

According to local Authorities in Greece, Shimon Hayut a 28 year old Isreali National has been scamming women on pretence he’s a son of the billionaire.

Yahoo yahoo of Israeli

According to reports, Shimon Hayut has been under investigation for fraud in UK,  Sweden, the Netherlands, and Germany.

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An Extradition request was also sent to greece by the israeli authorities where he’s been wanted on allegations of fraud, forgery and theft.

Shimon Hayut Was taken into custody in Greece after a joint operation between the Interpol and the Israeli police.

Shimon Hayut

Cecile Fjellhoy, a 29 year old woman from Lillestrom in Norway, claimed to have been one of his victims.

They apparently met in London, where he convinced her he was wealthy.

Cecile claimed he overwhelmed her with lavish spending, on bodyguards, Private jets.

She said she agreed to apply for an American Express premium credit card as she was told, filling an income of £200,000 on the application.

She claimed she took a huge loan for the card, and Shimon Hayut Soon start living large at her expense.

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