‘Medikal & Strongman Are Cowards’ -Mr. Logic Explains

‘Medikal & Strongman Are Cowards’ -Mr. Logic Explains

Mr Logic said rapper Strongman and his colleague Medikal are cowards for apologising to the general public over their heated lyrical beef not long ago.

Speaking on Hitz FM, Mr Logic stated both artistes are cowards for starting a lyrical war they knew very well they can’t sustained.

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According to him, lyrical beef has no formula nor limit and once you get involved, you make sure you finish what you started.

He said;

“Beef is beef. They are all cowards, yes Medikal and Strongman are all Cowards. I’ve regretted taking the side of Medikal, i was feeling him because of how daring he was and all of a sudden, he came out to apologise.

We don’t apologise for beefing. Lyrical battle involves everything, don’t say something and later on come out to apologise. They are all cowards.”

Strongman and Medikal breathed a new life into rap music in Ghana after going head to head with two diss tracks each within 48-hours.

Strongman had alleged during one of his diss track that Medikal is living on fraud money and wouldn’t have been able to afford a bicycle with his legitimate money.

He said,

“Subtract your fraud money from the real money; what will be left is your music money. It cannot buy you a bicycle.


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