What is Global Better Ads Standards and how to comply with the standards

If You have received a notification on your google Adsense account about Global Better Ads Standards, heres all you need to know about it.

The Notification goes like Google Chrome will support the Better Ads Standards globally from July 9th.

Ads may be filtered on Chrome browsers if you don’t comply with the standard.

What is Global Better Ads

Global Better Ads Standards is an initiative created to help potential consumers in choosing their preference in digital products advertised to them.

The initiative is to ensure that the products advertised to them through authorised sellers are benefited to them.

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Google will filter ads out on google chrome browser for both mobile and desktop users automatically.

What is Global Better Ads
Users can now choose whether to stop seeing an ad

Types of Ads to be blocked by chrome browsers

With the new update, Google chrome browser will filter ads unsuitable for users like popup ads.  

We’ve all experienced websites with annoying ads, all this will be filtered out by the 9th of July.

Full Screen ads, full screen scroll over ads will be filtered out.

How to comply my site with Google Better Ads Standards.

You can comply with google better Ads standards by removing Full Screen ads, full screen scroll over ads, popup ads, and by using better Ad network.


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