Top 4 Reasons why Aj lost to Ruiz

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These are the Top 4 Reasons why Aj lost to Ruiz:

The former IBF, IBO, WBO and WBA Undisputed unified champion Anthony Olaseni Joshua who unified the boxing heavyweight division after defeating Wladimir Klitchsko by knock-out on the 24th of April 2017 at the Wembley stadium in England.

It was rollercoaster for him with an impressive record of 22 fights with no defeat with 21ko’s and winning one on unanimous decision, but currently Anthony Joshua’s rollercoaster ride in the boxing heavyweight division has been cut short after losing to American born Mexican boxer Andy Ruiz by knockout in the 7th round at the Madison square garden New York.

This occurrence has brought controversies and opened the road for more competitiveness in the heavyweight division.

Although Joshua speaking to Sky Sports immediately after his bout on the 2nd of June 2019 said

“it’s a minor setback and wishes Ruiz well”

But we all know this will bring about a lot of unexpected happenings later in this division, so here are 4 main reasons why Joshua fell short in his bout with Andy Ruiz.

These are the Top 4 Reasons why Aj lost to Ruiz:

1. He lost focus: Anthony Joshua is a boxer who is a patient and mentally calm, and he has been running some negotiations for about 2 years with his big competitor “Deontay Wilder” who is holding the WBC belt and has been waxing lyrical since 2017.

After Joshua’s bout with Wladimir Klitchsko dethroning him as the world heavyweight, Joshua and Wilder has been trying to get a fight since 2017 and due to pressure from the media and fellow compatriots psychologically Joshua was distracted with the wilders bout and lost the focus of the fact that he had a fight with Jarrell Miller.

This also brought a lot of controversy until Jarrell Miller made his mandatory fighter and he had a way of getting into Joshua’s skin during their meeting in USA.

Jarrell Miller who later failed a drug test was dropped as Joshua’s opponent for the June 2nd bout, meanwhile Joshua has been preparing to fight Miller, this brought about an impromptu opponent ” Andy Ruiz” where Joshua was given a 6 weeks notice to fight Ruiz.

Training in boxing depends on the kind of fighter you are about to fight, brought a setback on Joshua’s balance mentally, and during his preparation in his training camp he kept talking about his fight with Wilder and was being distracted by what Wilder and what the media was saying.

He needed a psychologist more at this period prior to his bout with Andy Ruiz.

On the other hand Andy Ruiz was mentally balanced and stable making statements of knocking out Joshua but Joshua prior to the bout said nothing much about his bout with Ruiz showing that he underestimated him but kept talking about his bout with Wilder which hasn’t seen the light of day yet.

2. He Didn’t feel at home: All of Joshua’s bout has been in the UK he has a great team and a great promoter he also has the media pedigree and can bring in a lot of money since he unified the heavyweight division he hadn’t fought outside of UK before.

Until his planned fight with Jarrell Miller which was arranged to take place in Madison square garden New York but didn’t see the light of day, but later fought Andy Ruiz at the same venue which has a lot of history tied to it because it’s the ground where great American legends like Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Mike Tyson and Mohammed Ali fought.

This makes it special, meanwhile he doesn’t need to leave his country to prove to anyone that he his a champion but there are theories that says otherwise, fighting in your comfort zone behind your fans and with the support of your fans, mentally and in your subconscious you will not want to disappoint your compatriots.

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But reverse was the case with his bout in Ruiz were he wasn’t 100 percent comfortable and the American fans were a little bit hostile with AJ , this also contributed to him losing to Ruiz.

3. Poor preparation and Bad team: This had a lot to do with his loss to Ruiz because it was widely speculated that Joshua was knocked out by his sparring partner while training which led to Aj suffering a concussion.

According to Live strong ” symptoms of concussion subsides after only 10 days but should still wait till the full 30 days before engaging in a physical activity” if this was true then the whole of his team weren’t professional about this.

Eddie Hearn came out to debunk the statement according to BBC sport, he said

“Got knocked out in sparring? No he didn’t, the build-up, training camp the organization is a very professional organization. Absolutely zero excuses”.

According to “Frank Warren” of the boxing scene, he said

“He has remained with his amateur trainer and along with many others I suspect, was surprised by the dialogue between them in between rounds, he added that the fact that Joshua uses a publicly funded facility and trainer as a highly rewarded professional I don’t think it’s right anyway.

Also Bunce of BBC sports said

“we flagged up a nasally feel in Joshua’s voice on Monday, clear sign of some sort of cold or maybe run down not enough to predict the shock that came”

there were also rumours of Ajs dad arguing with Eddie Hearn and blaming him for letting the fight hold.

Lennox Lewis also gave his thoughts on Sky sports and felt Aj should have changed his coach and training team.With all these speculations, there is an atom of truth in the statements and the antecedents led to Aj’s loss to Ruiz.

4. He got exposed: We have all seen Joshua’s bout with different boxers and we all know that he has a weak jaw and we saw that in his bout against Wladimir Klitchsko where a lot of fans were scared but we have never seen Joshua fall flat on the canvas before.

But with the result of his bout with Ruiz it is no news to us that Joshua can also fall and this is due to his weak defence we saw that in his fight against Wladimir Klitchsko where he was knocked down for the first time in his career.

He has a soft jaw, it was also evident in his bout with top boxers like Dilian Whyte, Joseph Parker, Alexander Povetkin and some others veteran Sports broadcaster and boxing ambassador Double doctor Larry Izamoje of Brila sports fm said Joshua can give hits but doesn’t know how to receive hits”

Aj has to work on his defence currently than his offence he has been exposed by Ruiz and a lot of boxers he had knocked seeing that will love to take their pound of flesh.

Meanwhile prior to his bout with Ruiz speaking with Sky sports Ruiz said

” I have studied his past fight closely and I notice that he is always on his front foot with all of his opponents and has never been put on his back foot.

He is going to be the first to put him on his back foot which Ajs team never thought of taking note of, but with this happening Ruiz has ultimately exposed Joshua.

He has to be good both offensively and defensively, Larry Izamoje of Brila Sports radio also said

“if you have to stamp your feet as a world heavyweight champion you have to be able to give and take in boxing just like Mohammed Ali Joe Frazier and George Foreman, a boxer like Joe Frazier will keep coming at you waving his up and down until he comes in and knocks you out”

Joshua needs to balance his defensive and attacking approach if he really wants to bounce back as a world heavyweight champion.