Jackie Appiah advises promising stars against social media fame

Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah has openly advised promising stars to brand themselves and not be seen roaming around for fame.

The actress said the youth and actors should not to be eager for social media fame and humble themselves.

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According to her, she said:

“My advise to the youth out there is that they should be humble because humility goes a long way. They should be respectful, Godfearing and remember those they started with.

“Of late there are some people who when they make it to the top then they start to disrespect everybody which is wrong.”

“I still remember those that were part of my humble beginnings and I still regard them. There wasn’t Instagram or Social Media in my time but we still made it. Now there is social media and people are going about it the wrong way to get stardom. People pay blogs and online portals to write about them and thinking that the press sells them to be all over the place.

“I believe as an up and coming star, you should make yourself scarce, shouldn’t be seen everywhere and you shouldn’t be doing all kind of jobs.

“I will also advise the youth out there not to be in a rush to be at the top but to go through a gradual process. You can’t get to the top just like that.”

“I hear people say acting doesn’t pay. What do you mean acting doesn’t pay? Do you want to be paid the same amount with Jackie Appiah and Adjetey Anang? We started ten, fifteen years ago going through steps to the top. It takes time to get to the top so the young ones out there note that things take a process.

“When you give birth to a baby, the baby doesn’t start walking from birth, it takes steps for the baby to start walking and that is life for you.

“Life is a gradual process so the youth out there should take their time, be humble and not rush in life. Good things will come your way at the right time so just be patient since it pays a lot to be patience.

“I’ve been patience throughout my acting career, I’ve had to sacrifice a lot of things that I wish I could do but I can’t do because I’m in the limelight and I’m role model to most young actors as well. I’ve to sacrifice a lot of things to be the Jackie Appiah that I am today.

“Young actors need to stay true to themselves, be humble, be God fearing and take their time so they can make it at the right time.” Jackie Appiah added

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