PSG Defender, Dani Alves To Join Premier League’s Club This Summer

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) key defender, Dani Alves is set to leave his club.

Alves’ present contract with PSG will end in June.

The report guaranteed that the right-back has gotten interests from Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea previously.

Gotten some information about his future at PSG, Alves revealed to Spanish TV as he went to the Spanish Grand Prix in Catalunya a weekend ago that

“For now, I have not settled on a choice for my future, the main piece of information I can give is that I have a ton of choices.

“It’s not something I like to consider. Until the finish of June I am with PSG and up to that point I will give me 200% to the club.

“In the event that I remain, I will keep on giving a valiant effort. In the event that I don’t remain, I will keep on doing my best somewhere else, yet at the same time be appreciative for the open doors I had.”

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